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We have assembled a team of experts in the medical field with the expertise to meet your needs and deliver excellent service. Our medical director and medical staff are committed to giving you a lasting experience.

Our team consists of:

  • Medical director
  • Nurse practitioner
  • RNs with advanced certifications
  • Paramedics
  • Not a franchise

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Popular IV services

500 ml Normal Saline $49
1 Liter Normal Saline $69

Named after a physician from Johns Hopkins, medical professionals have been using this intravenous vitamin treatment to…

1 Liter Normal Saline
Calcium Gluconate
B Complex
Vitamin C
Recommended Add On: Glutathione

1 Liter Lactated Ringers Lipo-B Vitamin C B Complex Amino Acids Anti-inflammatory Recommended Add On: Caffeine
1 Liter Lactated Ringers Selenium Alpha Lipoic Acid B Complex MIC B12 Taurine Glutathione Folic Acid Recommended Add On: Vitamin C
1 Liter Normal Saline Glutathione Vitamin C B Complex B12 Alpha Lipoic Acid Amino Acids Recommended Add On: Folic Acid

1 Liter Normal Saline
B Complex
Vitamin C
Heartburn treatment

Recommended Add On: B12


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First-class customer service means every service is with you in mind.


Let our competent professionals take the leg work out and come to you! YES, we offer an in-home concierge service.


Our staff is made up of medical professionals, nurses, and paramedics.


Every aspect of our services are thoughtfully planned out with the highest quality medical-grade medicines.


We have a brand-new storefront location designed for comfort and the best experience possible.


Our services can be completed in as little as 30-45 minutes, leaving you feeling refreshed.

SA IV Center
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The services provided by SA IV Center are critical for my health and well-being. The staff were friendly, knowledgeable, and helped me feel at ease.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much! We love serving you! 😊
Wow!! That was amazing. All my aches and pains disappeared and my body feels wonderful. Super friendly staff. I highly recommend this service. I know I’ll be seeing them regularly. It will make a great gift to someone you care about too. Enjoy
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Bradley! We are looking forward to seeing you more in the future!
Their customer service is amazing. I went in crying due to my migraine and the Dr (not sure if he was the Dr or an RN) was so incredibly helpful. Not only did he rush to assist me with the shots I was needing but he was so caring and understanding. He was such a blessing and I guarantee that I will be back for other services. Stop wasting your money at other places and come out and support this location. I’ve tried other IV drip locations and no one can beat this place. Thank you for helping me feel better 💐
Response from the owner: We Loved helping you. Hope you continue feeling well. 😊
Great service.. friendly staff.. I have been a member for a year.. I will definitely stick around
Response from the owner: Thank you so much! We like you sticking around! 😊❤️♥️
I cannot say enough positive things about SAIV center. Not only have they helped me through my weight loss journey but they have resolved my long term issues with acid reflux and Gerd. The customer service is top notch! I highly recommend!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Erin! We love serving you. 😊❤️
If you are in SA area or are traveling to the area I highly recommend stopping by. I was fairly dehydrated due to traveling a few weeks in a row. I stopped by and the whole staff is super friendly. Brian was helpful and went above and beyond. I feel great after the IV!
Response from the owner: Omg! Thank you so much! We love seeing you!❤️
SA IV Center are truly the best! I always struggled with my weight. I started on tirzapatide 6 weeks ago. I did a week of detox prior my first shot. 5”7, SW 183 lbs, CW 162 lbs, GW 150 lbs. I haven’t had this weight since I was on my 20 😱😱😱😱 I am eating clean, I have no food noise, I continue doing pilates and I feel amazing ❤️❤️❤️ and I am only half way there with 21 lbs down. Highly recommend!!
Response from the owner: Thank you Anahi! We love seeing you and guiding you on your health and wellness journey! ♥️
SA IV Center you ROCK!!Thank you to Brian and Carisa and their amazing staff for all the best care and amazing treatments.I am diabetic and needed help with my A1C and weight management.I am now at my best health and I owe it all to you.Thank you soo much!!Keep Rockin!!
Response from the owner: We love seeing you healthy Javi! Thank you for the kind words.
SA IV Center has been life changing for me. I have been on my weight loss journey with them from the start. Office staff explain throughly the protocol of the injections and the expectation of the process. Everything has been transparent with zero surprises. I have been with them for over 4 months and the pricing has remained the same 350.00 per month on tirzepatide regardless of the dose. I have been able to loose my weight, no longer on blood pressure meds, and my PCOS is steadily improving. Brian is amazing and has been my true support. He answers his phone calls personally. You will not get a robot or answering service. I did a lot of research before I started, and asked which compounding company they used, and asked many questions and was assured by the complete transparency that trusting them with my care was a sound decision. They genuinely care about your health and journey. Will support you the entire way.
Response from the owner: Amanda,Thank you so much for letting us know we are doing our best for you. We love seeing you and your family. 😊
The first time calling was amazing and helpful they kept in contact and made sure my questions were answered so happy to found them and excited for my weight loss journey with them!! Brian is awesome!! So outgoing and wonderful 💕 thank you guys.
Response from the owner: Yvette! Thank you so much! It was great speaking with you and meeting Juan. Let’s get healthier!😊
Scam. OVERCHARGING PEOPLE. Talked to them and he was rude on Facebook. Horrible business model. 4ever young is way better, more professional and way better prices
Response from the owner: Rodrigo, you are not our patient. You messaged us on facebook asking us to beat the other deals you found. You do not know anything about our practice or business model.We are a medical office. You want to go up on your dose outside your current provider. You are shopping around and we are hands on with our patients. Our prices are set where they should be. We wish you the best of luck on your journey. Hopefully 2024 helps you reach your goals.
Very friendly staff, well kept facility.Did a walk-in for the B12 shot and had a wonderful and quick experience.
Response from the owner: We loved meeting you and hope your time in San Antonio is amazing! 😊
This place is wonderful. They exceeded my expectations. I am a breastfeeding mom who recently got the flu and became dehydrated which in turn decreased my milk supply. I called to see if someone could come to my home and give me the IV as son as possible. I told the girl I was nursing she immediately said let me see who we can get to go out there. Shortly after I received a call from the owner Brian Salmon he was very professional and knowledgeable. He himself came to my home to give me the IV. While we sat there waiting for the IV bag to finish he provided valuable breastfeeding information. He even helped me by getting my baby to latch better. He really went above and beyond. Thank you so much Brain.😊
Response from the owner: Thank you so much. I really enjoyed helping you and meeting your lovely family. Many years of birth work and lactation consulting seemed to work out perfectly! Looking forward to seeing y’all again!
Originally called somewhere else first, it was appointment only and the lady was rude. So I called SA IV center and was immediately greeted with a very enthusiastic voice. He said no appointment was needed to just come in. That’s exactly what I did. Everyone was super cool down to earth. Most importantly the IV cured my hangover so thank y’all!
Response from the owner: We loved seeing you guys! We are always here to help!
Just left and my experience was good! First time visiting with this place and will definitely come back. I struggle with hydration as I’m a Bariatric patient so I typically get IV done 1-2 times a month. This will be my new home base! 🤍
Response from the owner: Amanda, we loved treating you! We are here when you need us. Chat with Brian our clinical director as he works closely with our bariatric patients! 😊
I went today to get iv for hydration and I loved it and everyone were very helpful and polite thank you Brain
Response from the owner: Omg! Blanche, this is Brian! I loved meeting you and helping you feel better! 😀
I had an outstanding experience at SA IV Center! The staff was professional, the facility was clean, and the service was top-notch. The team was very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable. I left feeling rejuvenated and would highly recommend to anyone seeking IV therapy. FIVE stars!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Mr. Beer! Come see us soon.
Love this place! I stopped by after a long day of traveling, completely exhausted. They got me right back on my feet. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. We will definitely be returning!
Response from the owner: We loved seeing you! Thank you for trusting us to help you feel your best! See you soon.
I’m more than happy to share my experience with SA IV. After struggling with my weight for three years and trying numerous diets, I walked into SA IV and was immediately impressed. The rest is history! Brian and Carissa are incredibly humble and kind. They patiently listened to me, and with their support and guidance, I began my weight loss journey that resulted in shedding 30 pounds – a feat I couldn’t achieve in three years. They genuinely care about their clients, and I highly recommend SA IV. I’m grateful to have found them and thank God!
Response from the owner: Connie, you put a lot of work into the process. We love seeing you and are really thankful for your review!
Awesome service! I had a bad migraine…called to inquire about their migraine iv…but close to their closing for the day. Carisa, pleasant and cheerfully checked and assured me they would be waiting for me so they can help me feel better. Brian and Carisa are very professional, knowledgeable, and full of cherished kindness. They stayed after hours for me to arrive and get the much needed help. Brian and went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of in the best possible way. Love how they are compassionate of others and they have fabulous bedside manner skills I have ever experienced. I’m grateful for them. Thank you so much! ~Sandy
Response from the owner: Sandy!We absolutely loved helping you feel better! Thank you for trusting us and we are looking forward to seeing you again! ♥️
Best IV’s in SA! Love the staff and how convenient they make it. Definitely recommend!
Response from the owner: We love you too!!! ♥️
Today I am compelled to write another review of SAIV. I don’t mean to sound cliché but this establishment is so well managed that it feels like visiting family.It’s that time of year and the colds are going around. My wife just finished a pretty brutal cold that came on very slowly but ended up sticking with her for three weeks. She is literally still in the expectorant stages of the illness. I started to feel this cold coming on with some minor symptoms that my wife confirmed were the beginnings of her illness. Knowing what she went through I immediately visited SAIV at the onset of the first indications. I ordered the Immunity IV the first time and I just received a second IV yesterday of the same but added more vitamin C and anti-inflammation as well (because of the muscle soreness).Brian the owner learned we were visiting and immediately sent me a text saying he was on his way to the center so I could wait and get the chance to talk to him. I very much enjoy the free form flow of information Brian and his staff bring to the table. They are all data hounds in their own right and openly share knowledge.Brian arrived with a new painting in hand for the center and immediately began to get everyone’s opinion for where he should hang the picture. Like I indicated earlier, it was like visiting an old friend or family member. After we all decided the best location was facing the front door on the back wall so everyone could take in the beautiful painting as they entered, Brian then took me through his conference schedule he was to attend to learn more about how to best serve his clients.Bottom Line: Brian’s leadership model for managing this facility is nothing short of social magic. His entire staff warms to he and his wife’s presence when they arrive and the atmosphere is just amazing. I am truly grateful I found this center, not just for the health benefits but for the feeling like I recently met old friends.Great people are the #1 formula for great community service and Brian has struck gold with his team!Special thanks to Trina yesterday, I didn’t even feel the IV when she placed it. Super soft touch!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much! We love seeing you both and we absolutely care greatly for our patients! See you soon 😊
SA IV Center is the best! Having lost over thirty pounds in a safe, consistent manner, I just can’t say enough good things about Brian and the whole staff! The support and guidance received has been second to none! They really go over and beyond what is necessary to assure a stellar program! All questions and concerns are answered quickly and in great detail. I have learned so much from them and will continue to access their services for the foreseeable future. Thank you so much!!
Response from the owner: We are blushing! Thank you Kathryn for taking your time to share your experience! ♥️😊♥️😊
I love San Antonio IV! Brian and the staff are very knowledgeable, professional and personable. I lost 60 lbs. on their weight loss program and they were very encouraging in helping me reach my goals. I looked forward to my weekly appointment and plan to return and try the other services they offer. They deserve 5 Stars!
Response from the owner: Omg! Thank you Maria! We love seeing you. ♥️ You did an amazing job.
Best place ever! Brian and his staff are honest and helpful! The clinic is nice and clean.
Response from the owner: Thank you for being with us!
Love this place good people good service 👍🏼👍🏼
Response from the owner: Thank you so much! ♥️
These guys are great, I’ve been here twice now. The owner Brian is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They take walk-ins and every time I’ve left feeling better. Highly recommended. In addition they seem to be better priced than the other guys out there
Response from the owner: Thank you Chris! We love seeing you feel your best!
I’ve been coming to SA IV Center since the end of April and it’s been a lifesaver for me. Working outside, with our high temps, I wanted to stay ahead of the heat exhaustion so I go twice a week for a custom IV hydration and I am doing the semaglutide as well and that has been fabulous. So far down 20#. If I don’t feel up to par a simple consult with Brian and Carisa, a little tweak of ingredients and bam I’m back to myself again! Highly recommend not only the service but the membership as well! 5 stars all day long!!!
Response from the owner: Haley! We are so happy to see you and we always look forward to chatting with you. Thank you for the kind words, we love our jobs and our patients. It really doesn’t feel like a job. ♥️ Glad you are feeling better!
This is my first experience with SA IV Center and im in awe of how fabulous they are! I’m personally here for their Semaglutide shots. I wanted a boost to help myself with my weight loss journey and to be honest I couldn’t have been any happier. Of course I was skeptical, like anyone would be. I trusted in this team and im so glad that I did. I just finished my 2nd months supply and I’m proud to say I have officially lost 25lbs! I’m excited to see where this last month gets me. Dr. Bryan and his wife are absolutely incredible and they CARE!!! Im very pleased with my services here, If you’re also skeptical but considering any of the weightloss programs or IV’s in general, this is your place!
Response from the owner: Jiny! That is amazing! It’s me Brian! I must say I am not a doctor but I play one on tv 😂😂😂. I am the Clinical director and partners with Dr. Jerome Washington! I am so excited that you have had so much success! Thank you for trusting us and our team is always here for you and our patients! ♥️
This was my first time trying out an IV infusion, I had been sick with some virus for almost a whole week and wanted to speed up the recovery process. After extensive search I picked SA IV because of their detailed description on their services, transparent pricing and experienced staff. I’m so glad I found them. Not sure if it’s a coincidence but I’m feeling so much better after 48 hrs ! Highly recommend and will come backBrian the founder is extremely knowledgeable, personable and truly cares for the customers and for what he does. 5 stars all the way
Response from the owner: Andrea! It was such a pleasure meeting you and I am so glad you feel better! See you soon!😊
Incredible people. Very personable. I will definitely be back. Thank you
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Bryan! Loved meeting you both!
One of the best decisions of my life was to choose SA IV Center as part of my wellness program. The staff is absolutely amazing. I especially love Practitioner Luis H. As a person, he’s caring, positive, and uplifting. He exerts good vibes and gives me hope when I’m down. As a practitioner, he’s knowledgeable and so skilled. He always finds a vein. ONE STICK!!! I appreciate you Luis ❤️.
Response from the owner: Dee! We love you. Carisa and I think of you often. Thank you for trusting our practice!😊
Luis took very well care of me and my wife and also kept us entertained with his life stories awesome guy!!
Response from the owner: Love it! So glad you are feeling better too! -Brian
I discovered this place a month ago and love it here. Luis (Hernandez) is the best! I highly recommend getting an IV treatment here. You won’t regret it! 😊
Response from the owner: We love Luis! We are also thankful for having you as a patient. We are here for you!
I normally don’t leave reviews, but this time is an exemption. The service at SA IV Center is Great, the personnel is very professional and friendly. I got to the clinic 5 minutes before closing, and Luis and Nicky did not hesitate on providing me with services. My provider Luis Hernandez is amazing. He is so knowledgeable about all the products offered, he always recommends what best fits my needs.
Response from the owner: Alexa we love serving you! Thank you for taking the time to write this. See you soon!
My wife and I have been members for a month now and are very satisfied with the service and packages provided! I have a lot more energy through the day and feel more focused. Luis Hernandez, the provider had excellent knowledge of the products and suggested the best plan for me which worked out great! Prices are affordable even more so with a membership! Having a provider available to come to my house and provide the service is great I work during operating hours and that flexibility allows me to still take advantage of the benefits from the IV after hours! All in all I highly recommend trying it for yourself!
Response from the owner: We love serving your family! Luis is great and very knowledgeable! See you soon!
Everytime I stop by staff is so friendly, knowledgeable and go above and beyond to answer your questions and concerns. Brian’s dedication to his clients is amazing you won’t find that anywhere else.
Response from the owner: Stephany! Omg! Thank you so much. We absolutely love you and all our clients. ♥️❤️💯😊
I made an appointment after being sick for several weeks. I was diagnosed with Upper Respiratory Infection then a few days later they said it had turned bacterial – I was then given an antibiotic that I was allergic too but didn’t discover this until I had taken it for 10 days. Needless to say I have been feeling like a heap of illness for the last three weeks! I figured this was the way to get a jump-start on feeling better PDQ! Boy was I right! Today is the day after I went in to get my IV – Brian and Luis were wonderful, super friendly and they made me feel like I mattered. They walked me through each step and got me on my way! I did the Myers cocktail with Amino Acids added – today the morning after I feel like a million bucks! I have energy and no longer feel like “death warmed over”. Go check this place out – they will make you feel better then you did when you walked through their door! Go, just do it – who doesn’t want to feel better ?! 🙂
Response from the owner: OMG! Jeannine! We are so happy we got you feeling better. We really enjoyed speaking with you. Wishing you the best and hope to see you soon!♥️Brian
10 out of 10 recommend!! I’m so happy I chose the BEST San Antonio IV Hydration specialist!!! I had been sick for over 2 weeks, couldn’t shake it. I feel GREAT now! Thank you for the help, the awesome conversations and cutie patootie phlebotomist was a bonus! Thank you!!
Response from the owner: Steph! We loved seeing you. I hope that you and your son are feeling better. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!
I was so dehydrated and came in for simple saline for only $69. SAIV really helped me out!! They not only helped me get hydrated again but they also told me about the semaglutide weight loss. On my first month, I’ve already lost 11 pounds and i still have 2 months to go. I’ll be ready for my cruise in May! I’m so excited to keep coming back and to try out all different IVs they have to offer. I was looking everywhere in San Antonio for weight loss but had no luck. I’m so glad i found this place! they have so much to offer and it’s not basic stuff. You get the real deal and you seriously feel the health benefits. Seriously the BEST IV I’ve had!
Response from the owner: We are so happy you are doing so well. We love serving you and our community here in San Antonio!
I absolutely love this place it is full of positive vibes so welcoming …my questions are always answered and I ask a lot of questions let me tell you but if they are stump on one of my million questions u better believe they will get to the bottom of it and always ready to help me in any way they can …. I highly recommend this establishment … Good job guys …. I’m proud to say I go to SA IV CENTER for all my liquid needs❤️
Response from the owner: Thank you for letting us serve you! We always love seeing you!
Super nice people ~ Loved talking to Brian Salmon ~ Feel great
Response from the owner: Thank you so much! So glad you are feeling better!
Brought my girlfriend in hungover and nauseous in pretty bad shape. Within minutes of getting the IV she started feeling better and left feeling like a new woman. Plus side she got to meet Grace (the doggo). Brian and his team are fantastic. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!
Response from the owner: We loved seeing you guys but Grace says she loved it more! 🐶 🐾 Thank you guys for coming and trusting us to help.
I have never felt more welcomed in an establishment like this. The way they do their IV’s is the most sanitary way I have ever seen to avoid cross contamination . No pre mixed bags , they put all the vitamins and goood stuff right in front of you. I even was lucky enough to have their emotional support dog Grace to comfort me while I had my service. By far the best “IV bar” I have ever visited. They’re very educated and very kind. Thank you Brian!
Response from the owner: Brittany! We loved meeting and serving you and Phil. We look forward to seeing you again!
Amazing! As soon as you walk in the door you know you will be took care of. My husband went for the Migraine IV. Everyone was so caring and accommodating. They check on you the whole process. Even the Medical Doctor Dr Washington was there and personally looked over my husband’s information to make sure he was receiving what he needed. They mixed the IV right there after they determined the right medicines for him.. We were in and out in under 1 hour and for way cheaper then our ER copayment. We will definitely be back!
Response from the owner: We loved seeing you guys and helping hubby lose that migraine. 😊 we are always here!
Brian and Carissa Salmon have curated an idyllic spa-like center where their thoughtful and professional staff go out of their way to make you feel cared for. The treatment options are flexible and adaptable to anyone regardless of their life stage or health goals, and with SA IV Center’s medical grade approach, you know you’re in the safest hands. My husband and I both are huge fans of the Salmon Family and their team, and as soon as you meet them you’ll understand why. Check them out and support local!
Response from the owner: We are Blushing ☺️! We like ve serving you and all our patients!
Professional seasoned staff. Great prices , quality ingredients, amazing atmosphere.
Response from the owner: Thank you!
Comfy atmosphere, knowledge and friendly staff, remarkably clean and worth every penny! I have been sick off and on with the weird San Antonio weather and after getting a customized IV bag, I left feeling so much better! Blake was extremely patient and kind when it came to my dehydrated veins and talked me through every step. The entire staff is knowledgeable when it comes to choosing what you need in order to feel good! Thank you Brian, Carisa, and Blake! I will be see you guys very soon!
Response from the owner: We loved seeing you look better after your IV treatment!
Great staff and awesome atmosphere!
Response from the owner: ☺️ Thank you!
Kind caring and professional staff. Relaxing atmosphere. Great membership program too!
Response from the owner: We always love seeing you!